Thursday, September 29, 2011

The 2012 Cheverolet Camaro ZL1

Wow. The all new Cheverolet Camaro ZL1, boasting a supercharged 6.2l LSA engine producing 580hp and about 556lb feet of torque. This car will produce some serious numbers on the track. There are subtle changes from the exterior of the current SS, in order to not make the car look over the top. Changes include bigger front facia grill, different fog lamps, hood air intakes, different wheels, and a slightly different rear(spoiler, exhaust). I also believe a different steering wheel is also available. I'm going to keep this short, but also wanted to mention that stopping power will be provided by Brembo Brakes, and the car will come equipped with Eagle F1 tires. An electro-magnetic ride control will allow this new Camaro to feel at home, whether on the track or in the streets, adapting to anything thrown its way. It will be available Spring 2012, but it will be hard to find with its low $50,000 price tag.

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